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Floss Picks
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TP-22 (Round /Flat )
Item No. : TP-22 (Round /Flat )
Description :  
Good Tension Floss.
* Handle Material: HIPS; could make customized color.
* Floss Material: Polyester (Flat /Round)
* Color: Stock with white & pink; available to shift with customized color.

Certificate: ISO 9001:2015.

Features : * Wide bow makes it easier to reach the back teeth, avoid the collision between teeth and protect gingival.
* Multiple filaments contact more surface of tooth to remove plaque effectively.
* Easy-grip handle with thumb pad for better control.
* Effectively removes tough plaque between teeth.
* Gently stimulates gums and helps prevent gingivitis.
* Soft and comfortable floss are gentle and safe on sensitive gum tissues.
* Special floss provides low friction and resists breaking and sagging.
* Easily slides between teeth and resists breaking.
* Harmless to gingiva.
* More effectively remove food remnants and clean interdental space.
* Angled neck to access posterior teeth.
Specification :
Shipping Information.
*** Multi package way- available  with single pack; different quantity of  box,  can or bag; or to pack by customized  packaging.
* 50 pcs/PS can(#201),24can/inner;12inner/carton,70 cartons(1,008,000 pcs)/7.3cbm
* 50 pcs/PS box(#202),24box/inner;12inner/carton,70 cartons(1,008,000 pcs)/5.6cbm
* 50 pcs/PP box(#208),12box/inner;24inner/carton,70 cartons(1,008,000 pcs)/5.1cbm
* 50 individual bags/zip bag, 50zip bags/carton, 1300 cartons(3,250,000 pcs)/20'container
* 100 pcs/PP box(#205), 24box/inner;6inner/carton, 70 cartons(1,008,000 pcs)/12.4cbm
200 pcs/PP box(#215), 24box/inner;4inner/carton, 53 cartons(1,017,600 pcs)/5.2cbm
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